Cabe's Specialty


CABE’s specialty

What is Halal?

It means what is forbidden and permissible under Islamic law. What is contraindicated and what is said to be “Haram” is …. The famous ones are “pork (including pork-derived ingredients)” and “alcohol”.

Various Islamic groups have placed halal marks on meat slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law to authenticate it. With the mark on, Muslim people can use it with peace of mind.

Restaurant Chabe uses halal-marked meat. In seasonings, etc., we check the ingredients and use pork-derived ingredients and 10% that do not contain alcohol. For this reason, the food menu is “Halal Food”.

The restaurant also serves alcoholic beverages on the drinks menu. However, glasses for drinking are handled separately, and glasses for alcohol and other beverages are separated.

I keep in mind a shop where both Muslims and non-Muslims can enjoy meals together.

There is a prayer room to pray.

Available for vegetarian and vegan guests


Sambal goreng tempe (santan) tempe simmered in coconut

Lumpia Deep-fried Spring Roll

Terong dabu-dabu Fried Nadu Dubdab Sauce

There’s a Muslim cook.


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